Comic 118 - Wuv
28th Nov 2012, 11:02 PM in Monkeys
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I've been irritated by the blurriness of the lines recently. Maybe this will help.
User comments:
(Sharp Indeed!)

And now Next,
Let us see
How Iri,
Responds to
"I love you!"
By splitting him in half with her sword?

oh god, that ass...

asses, boobs, faces, legs, bellies, and the rest as well. But you've drawn this particular pair of buns particularly well.
I have to disagree, Troll. IMHO, while Iri's butt looks better on this page than it did on the one just before it, she still doesn't quite have the roundness I've come to expect from half-naked hot chicks on paper. Drawn by view, at least.
She might 'eff' him.
Or more likely,
'Eff' him up quite thoroughly!
Considering Iri's abilities, she must either want to string Next along, actually like him, or not had prior cause to use her future sight to crush his romantic aspirations.
It was inevitable, also he's way cuter than he has the right to be damn it. Why are dark noses attractive? Never mind that, you have the ability to make anything attractive View. Also i'm to lazy to go scrolling through the archives but wasn't the planet irradiated or something? Or is this just resistant plant life? I stay up late just to see this comic so i probably made a mistake here.
By the way, how old are Iri and Next again? And what impact would their age difference have on any potential relationship? I'm pretty sure she'd reject him either way, though. ^^;
Isn't the splitter good enough indication as to what she plans to do? Of course the future has many possibilities so maybe it's not what i'd envisioned.
Maybe Iri's 'fine tuning' the future she wants to activate?
An "older woman" can have a long lasting effect on a "young man's" education.
If they were human, Iri would probably be about 30 and Next about 22. But they aren't human...
If this were another comic, I'm guessing that the top of Iri's head would be replaced by up to 3 "POOM" clouds.

It could still happen, view would just explain it with a vague "aliens" or maybe "woops! cigarette exploded!"
Hmm, is Next wearing "Temple" pants? Or are the vertical circles on both his pants, and above the temple entrance coincidence?
@Cattservant "She might 'eff' him. Or more likely,'Eff' him up quite thoroughly!" I'm getting the implication that they are much the same thing with poison monkeys myself.

I also think the boy is a bit too stubborn to be dissuaded, even if she were to castrate him. I kinda understand why others are scared of poison monkeys. :)
The others aren't scared of Poison Monkeys, except maybe Ayata. They're not considered scary, they're considered a bit of a plague. Like rats.
I think that acquiring an interesting psychology might well be considered a worthy achievement for a maturing young Poison Monkey!
Aww. Cute little Prime Minister in the last panel. Reach for the stars, kiddo.