Comic 116 - Volcano
27th Nov 2012, 12:13 AM in Monkeys
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I am covered in feathers!
User comments:
...Oh my. o_o

Also, something just occurred to me: this is set in the future.

Right now it is practically common knowledge that cigarettes are connected to cancer and use arsenic.

And they're smoking.

Do Poison Monkeys have an immunity or something, or are we still idiots in the future?
They all smoke. Literally every monkey that isn't on the homeworld smokes radioactive cigarettes.
The real question is whether they tarred view first.
Pushed... into... volcano.
Cigarettes and feathers come second to Shoving people into the fiery abyss!

On another note... I guess Next was not terribly close to his mother, if he still likes Iri after that.
The "mutating" part tells me more that her powers went out of control (Perils of the Waaaaaaaarp!) and killing her was in part "for her own good".
One suspects that Poison Monkey social relationships are complex...
"You can't just off a prime minister!" I would LOVE to see Ayata's reaction to that line =P
LOL, yeah, there ought to be some good responses to that one. :D
That's 1 of the goods things to be covered with.
"You can't just off a prime minister!" You have to fill out the proper form first.
I'm sorry sir, you've filled out your citizen identification number with open-topped "4"s. You'll need to fill them out again with closed-topped numerals.
I have a feeling some jimmies are being rustled here
Alright, now I'm sure of it. This whole comic is really just viral advertising for smokes. Every time I read this strip, I get cravings.

after reading(is that the correct word in english?) "cheer" and "never mind the gap" im now at the end(im sure theres a better word) of this series, all on one day. i have to say that i realy enjoy your work, its quite some amazing stuff!
so from now on im on the train of ppl waiting for the next page. as i was able to read just through it until now thats quite a bummer, but also something i can look forward to.
i tried to goole other comics of "view", but i wasnt able to find any except the ones i mentioned before. am i missing out on something great? :)
once again: phantastic comics, i was able to rediscover my passion for this genre today!
the story of "never mind the gap" would make a great movie imo.
Thanks for your interest!

Those comics Cattservant linked are ancient.
So is cattservant!

Just wobbling about
In the dusty crypts
Of sequential artistry!

Does this ship have lasers that can stub out finished cigs?