Comic 114 - Autograph
24th Nov 2012, 12:12 AM in Monkeys
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Oh crap, another fanboy...

By the way, just a personal preference, but I don't like the highlight in Iri's hair. It makes it look more like plastic than hair.
Hmm... What program do you use? How do you do the coloring on the hair?
SAI, a marker set to low mix, low bristle. The white highlights are just low-alpha paints on the next layer up.
Hmm... I don't know much about SAI, but if you use white for the highlights, why not change it to a light beige or something? A more natural color more related to her hair might do wonders.
(photography used to be my thing sorta) The hair does look right if she is standing under a floodlight. The highlight would become a mix of the translucent hair color (as opposed to the opaque hair color) and the light color.

On that note an example: a childhood pet was a black lab / Irish setter mix. Jet black long hair skinny black lab looking dog except in full sunlight - Bright FIRE RED!
It is a very brightly lit room, but really I just have no idea what I'm doing.
If she doesn't watch it,
pretty soon Iri will be
Aunty Cool!
Ah there goes my Dragon King, Rhythm Riot, and Iri ship. Also I noticed they have three jacks on their necks, and the splitter has three wires, So I guess the neural feedback idea was right.
Well, I wouldn't call it neural feedback, but the basic physics involved hold water.
Well I didn't mean it exactly, but I did mean some sort of cyber-mind-sex.
At least the Iri x Iri x Iri ship is looking pretty solid at this point!
I did not see that coming. Lol.

Also, I am surprised that Iri thinks of herself as uncool. Maybe just by poison monkey standards?
For poison monkeys, being cool is the thing. For Iri, killing monsters is the thing.

She dresses in Temple underwear and has a perm...
For the moment she has a perm. But who knows what it'll be on the next page.
But that's why she's cool .. just like the cool hero don't turn around to look at the explosion he just made, he's too cool for that, and the explosion isn't cool enough for him to take notice.

But Iri's so cool she doesn't even notice it when she sees herself in the mirror !

Now that's badass !
Stupid question, why does Dragon King's white spots look like different styles of glasses?
"Next, would you please autograph this blank cheque?" :P
Iri is so not used to this. I guess the normal reaction to her is 'RUN AWAY IT'S THAT MONSTER GIRL THAT KILLS MONSTERS, SOMETHING IS GONNA BLOW UP' or something.
How to tell it's been too long since you visited home: People have apparently forgotten why they wanted you to leave.
Ever since I first read this strip I've been trying to imagine what it'd be like to have my mother be a fangirl. Especially a Poison Monkey fangirl.