Comic 113 - Arcade
21st Nov 2012, 11:08 PM in Monkeys
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WAHAHAHAHAHA, I got the rat bastard. My poor bruised finger has paid off.

Also, haven't figured out Dragon King quite yet.
User comments:
The future holds many possibility's, implying that this was the future that Iri wanted.
Is the lack of outline on his hair an aesthetic choice? Does it look any better/worse with one?
Eh, they're thin, so solid outlines look like worms.
I just think the flatness of them is throwing me off. Maybe they could benefit from a more defined texture. Everyone else has such lovingly drawn hair.

Normally cornrows (if those are in fact cornrows, who knows with PMs) are braided, so maybe a defined braid line might help.

I drew something up real quick to get my general idea across (don't make fun of me, I did it on a damned trackpad in paint because I'm away from home).

I made the center one a bit thicker-lined and got that worm feeling, but I don't feel it with the thinner lines.

The only problem with this is that the braid line is usually in highlight, not darker. Makes it hard for me to visualize it in this case.

Just a thought to bounce off you and maybe help you fuel some ideas.
A super high tech solution to a industrial age game. XD

Kinda like throwing rocks in current computer games.
So Dragon King is into...cooperation?
It's actually not a very good image, but since it's blurry it's all good.
I'm presuming the splitter copies neural feedback. AKA, feeling BOTH sides of the loving. :)
Dragon King is missing the hair on top of his head in panel 1, He looks bald. lol.

Those are very interesting doorways, do they serve a special purpose, or are purely aesthetic?
They're what the ship felt like doing that day!
he also looks like he turned asian, and gained some weight.
No joy in Ratville tonight...

RE: Your Rat; If you can get one more, you'll be all set for Valentine's Day!
Its Call of Duty 4000 isn't it...
I really can't wait until we find out what a splitter is and does. So far it looks like it tucks into bikini bottoms or bare breasts under sexy sport coat things so I'm optimistic.
Heh, it does have a pretty good track record so far. :)
So far the splitter has seen more 'action' than any of the characters in the past dozen strips or so. =P