Comic 112 - Cord
21st Nov 2012, 12:53 AM in Monkeys
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This page also took forever.
User comments:
Rhythm Riot made a pass at Iri, who -to Riot's surprise- took the initiative. Iri then implied that she was going to take what she wanted from RR sexually, then just swiped the thing RR had on her person.

Ayata then made an understatement.
You forgot the bit where Rythm Riot *really* wanted it.
I just need to know what a splitter is in this context <.<

And... I bet it took forever. It's all dynamic shots of people, no talking heads at all, and how many panels?

Anyway - looks great!
That'll become clear in just a few pages.

It's cruel to the daily readers to put up a page they can't possibly understand, but to an archive catcher-upper, it'll just be "huh?" page turn "oh, hm."
I figured out what it is! (At least I think I did)
But should I ruin it for everyone, hmmm. (Hint: You can tell what it's for if you payed close attention to detail earlier in the story.)
It is possible! I did spend at least two pages going THIS IS A MYSTERY THAT WILL COME UP LATER, but nobody seemed to notice.
$50 says this panel just hit 4chan and reddit for 50000+ views in the next day.
Seems unlikely, but if there are viewers inbound, I want to remind them that this comment section isn't 4chan or reddit, it's my personal playground.
Okay this is getting interesting in more ways than one.
What the hell time zone do you guys live in, it's barely night time of November 20th over here!
What do you do with the extra 40 Minutes in the day?
Dat bellybutton grab in the second panel.
Shading across the nose looks a lot better and still digging the hair streaking in panels 2 and 4. As an experiment on panel 4, try 'narrowing' the darkest shading across the bridge of the nose by adding in a medium tone in place of the edge of the shading that points toward Iri's eye, a medium tone, finest line, just enough to break the straight line and knock that one dark corner off. The contrast is a little too hard and the line is a little too stark. You've got great depth across the forehead and eye on that panel from the two tones and straight lines where one would expect shadow from the bangs, but the comparison from forehead to nose to cheek gives it a mildly cubist full-to-flat feel according to my sleep, drink, and thesis addled brain. Either way, its damn close to indistinguishably very very good
Here's the thing: that would take more than three strokes.

I'll polish it, but the whole point of this coloring is speed. I broke the rule with Rhythm's face and used four strokes.
Well, Rythm's face in Panel 3 is really nice though, so it was worth the extra time. :)
I learned things just now. I really hadn't noticed you were going for speed. That's probably a compliment.
Heh. Rhythm can get quite the angsty face when she's so close but so far from a good time. And o really approve of the kinda sport jacket and no shirt thing there
It chafes, but if you want to show off your nipples to the person directly next to you, it's the way to go.
that's the second time you made a comment from the viewpoint of a female, View. not once did you make such a comment from the Viewpoint of a male.
i am now curious but know better than to ask.
Shouldn't matter. If I wanted people to know, it'd be in my profile.
it doesn't. i never asked because it's obvious you like your anonymity and that's perfectly fine. i was just stating an observation, perhaps i should have kept it to myself.
Ah, but we all know what sort of sexuality View belongs to ...

View is a sexy, sexy hotdog. :)
I'm sure the chafing is true but damn is it sexy.

Hmmm, ok so I went back and checked out the previous pages. It turns out I did notice at the time, but had forgotten in the days since (assuming I am correct).

The "splitter" has a triple wire design that would appear to coincide with the triple "plugs" seen on all the poison monkey necks in the bath scene. So it is likely some kind of neural interface. But whether it is for joining monkey to monkey, or monkey to a special device I will not hazard a guess at just yet.
Well, I think it's probably safe to hazard a guess at this point.
Well, alright. I will guess that it is for monkey to monkey, due to it being split into 3 prongs at BOTH ends. If it was for interfacing with a device, it would only need to be split in three at a single end, and could combine down to a single cable for the other.

Unless of course it is for interfacing with MULTIPLE devices. Which when I consider the name, may be more likely. Hmmm. And while it has three jacks at both ends, one end is tied together (likely the end that goes into the neck) while the other has all three wires left loose, so they could be plugged into items more than a couple inches apart...

Yea, still can't decide which is more likely.
I also thought of a PM to PMPM direct connection cord myself.
Iri's expression in panels 3&4 is just W-O-A-W.
It's really helped along by some basic color tricks. It's not nearly so impressive in black and white.
Not sure if this has been asked before. But Do you have any idea how long you want to make this comic? Will it be about the same length as NMtG?