Comic 111 - Stars
20th Nov 2012, 2:03 AM in Monkeys
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This page took forever.
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It is always worth the wait.
Thank you!

'Cat' doesn't translate?
Iri hasn't had to talk the poison tongue much in the past ten years.
I forgot that she was in exile that long.
Was it something to do with the destruction of the first temple?
If I remember correctly you said there were many competing political groups (nations) on the PM home world.
How big and important is Next's government?
Man that weird, the phrase "destruction of the first temple" automatically made my mind think of Judism. It going to take a while to get used to hearing that in a different contex. Though I totally could see posin monkeys using a stone eating worm to make their temple. (look up "Shamir worm" if that makes no sense to you)
It's not the first temple, it's just the Temple. And I didn't intend for it to have overtones of Judaism. I really don't think you should associate the hunters with any real-world religion, because the hunters are batshit science fiction crazy.
No worries, the PMs are too weird for me to asociate them with any culture I know of, It just the way cattservant happened to phrase it that remind me of Judism.
Their dialogue reminds me of some of the positions in the Kama Sutra.
Could be the language has a marked glandular component...
why do you know the positions in the Kama Sutra by heart?
Why wouldn't you know the positions of the Kama Sutra by heart?
I'm a product of public education. I can't speel, do math or even function in life, but by god I know the Kama Sutra!!!
I really hope this is going where I think it's going.

I really need to find a way to translate the poison tongue so I can get the juicy details of what they're discussing that is seeming to embarrass Iri so much.

I know there was a brief review of age and the different terms used to determine maturity in various species who may age different than others (here) but I don't think it was ever discussed how old any of the characters in the comic were in relation to each other.

PS: nipple flash.
The nipple flash is definitely on purpose.

Iri is slightly older than the bodyguards.
Ms. Iridium Lake is a 'legend in her own time' isn't she?
Well, that's literally true, but we'll talk about that next chapter.
Ya know, I would have expected the last panel to be my favorite. But I am actually torn between panels 2 and 4. They just scream "fun" on Ayatas part. I love the contrasting speed blurs on panel 2, Ayatas going up and Iri's going down. And naked space somersaults is pretty much a complete win in panel 4.

Hmmm. I think the victory will have to go to Panel 2. More detail, and more going on gives it the edge.
I wasn't sure about panel 2, because it kind of moves quick. I didn't really show Ayata beginning to play very much, I kinda just popped into the playing.
I wouldn't say she just 'popped' into it. It has been building for 3 pages. When she first picks it up, she is a little awkward because she is not totally certain it is safe. Next page, she is more confident and starting to visualize herself using it, and now on this page she is going all out. lol. Dunmo if that is how you intended it to come across, but that is what I read into it and it works for me.
Ayata is sooo cute in this page *claps* bravo .. I think shes my favorite charcter..
And the undertones are now just ...tones? Notes? Implied lesbianism?
Well -- setting aside applying human traits of gender and standard sexuality -- I'd say the fact that Iri seemed to be looking at Ayata while she was talking and blushing heavily, is a good indicator that it is Ayata and not Next who is the subject of this conversation.

Time will tell how that theory holds up, but it could explain some of the effort Iri is going through to help Ayata. It certainly doesn't seem like she's getting paid for her services.
I really like this page and all the implications.

Also, I broke out laughing from "like a cat". Silly running joke from college. The lady next to me looked at me oddly. I decided it was best not to explain myself.
It almost looks like something is written in the tan scribbles of Iri's drawers, in panel 5.



Did you sign Iri's delicates view?
I like Iri/Next, but I was so sure Iri and Jagi were going to be a thing.
Iri is species-straight: she really doesn't feel much attraction to other species. Most Poison Monkeys are like that, for reasons you'll find out soon.

Jagi's basically a big, loyal dog.
She's gonna go for the kid but first get some practice in with Rhythm Riot? I'm down for all that lol
Finally subscribed. And I have this weird image of Ayata trying to learn the poison tongue through a low G, spasm causing version of DDR. Also, do you still do icons view? You seem to be busy lately.
Sure, I'll paint you a face. What's your preference?
A pair of black feathered wings, with a pair of glowing blue eyes behind them. No other distinct features. If that's possible of course. =)

edit: Kinda like pensivedragon's now that I look at it.