Comic 110 - Winkie
18th Nov 2012, 8:17 PM in Monkeys
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Author Notes:
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This page ended up sexier than intended.
User comments:
I was kinda noticing the same thing. The second to last symbol is obviously "playing water polo!"
IMO the second to last icon in Iri's last speech bubble kinda look like two PM's in a 69 position.

Iri, you dirty, dirty girl. :)
Iri looks great today. Ayata channeling her inner bad ass like a kid playing with a stick-sword in the last panel made me laugh.

I'd love to know what she's saying and blushing about but I'm sure it will be revealed in time.
Is their language supposed to look vaguely pornographic? O.o
It's like a Rorschach test... the pornography is in your miiiiiind!
A demonstration of the ancient Poison Monkey art of emotional 'acupuncture'...
actually....if you imagine it being a monkey's body the various poses can represent a deeper meaning :P

"Darmok and Jalad at tanagra" anyone?
That's actually pretty close to how the language actually developed.
So it sorta developed from hand/body gesture .. sorta like some old hunting languages, and/or modern sign-language ?
I wonder if interpretive dance would work as a stand-in.
I'm digging panel five for the subtle lip bite and streaking in the hair. You nailed both. Shading is a tad much across the nose and bridge though. Looks a smidge like a lion's snout.
Good picture, crappy site ->
Iri's nose is supposed to be a darker color than the rest of her face, correct ?
First thought that popped into my head - "Girl talk seems way hotter when the words look like people fucking."

Apparently I'm not the only one that thought so.
And her embarrassed expression does not help to make it seem any less dirty. :D
Big fan of your work view, been around for little over a year but first comment.

Your ability is amazing and this new work with color is outstanding. and I have to agree, the poison monkey language looks like people lol

Keep it up!
*makes Jedi hand motion*

You will continue making comics ... and cookies!
You. want. cookies - Because twinkies goes with winkies!

*more hand swiping*
Not anymore, the twinkies don't.
Not anymore, the twinkies don't.
Do you have a running catalogue of the poison tongue? Or is every symbol made up new every time?
Damn, you could start a religion with that kinda ability. :)
You could call it Toxinism or what ever name the actual poison monkey belief system is called.
Aw, they already got one of those ... they call it a Government. XD