Comic 11 - Swordysword
23rd Jul 2012, 11:40 PM in Crash
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These pages are hard to make. BECAUSE LIFE IS FULL OF IRRITATING SHIT.
User comments:
The main takeaway lesson here seems to be; When a cute Poison Monkey asks you for a Whitestix, you should give her one!

Secondarily; Where was Swordy-sword? On vacation?
She left it in the sinking escape pod. Otherwise, they would have taken it away from her and stuck it somewhere hard to get it from.
... hmmm, missing eye... and filters... maybe the eye has them!
She left it dead, and with its head
She went galumphing back.
Ah yes, it's obviously a Vorpal Blade.

That reminds me that someone made a Borogove card deck on Kickstarter. It's pretty awesome. :)
I'm getting the intimation that Swordy-sword is a 'swiss army sword' style weapon with all kinds kinds of potential settings!
Poor Fat Head. So his head wasn't just full of hot air. I'll imagine it sliced like a fresh melon then! I only hope we see the non Unity version of that alien at some point.
sorry i dunno if you said it in the comments or something, but does this comic have an actual schedule?
Swordy sword is best friend!
I don't know if I can make them one a day or not. If I can, then six days a week.
Daaaaamn girl.

Also, what's Swordy-sword's delivery mechanism?
Huh? You mean the magic requip bullshit?

It's magic requip bullshit.
Swordy-sword's home is in Iri's right hand and he was lonely!
So... Minecraft-esque?
/sethome in her hand and /home to get back?
I would hug you, view, but I don't want your creations to stab me T_T
I'm naming my next player-crafted sword "Swordy-Sword"! :D
I know I might be picking at straws,but in the third panel, you can't see the first cut she did on the bars, unless she moved a lot to her left(but you can still see the corpse on the ground).

The lower cut there also doesn't seem to be the same, as she clearly did it much higher(almost at her head, even if she had a slightly lowered stance in panel 2, it's at waist height in panel 3). The bars don't even have other cuts there.

She probably also widens it a bit more, since it's as low as her ankle on panel 4, which it clearly isn't on panel 3.

BTW, is(was) big-head male or female? It struck me as a female for some reason.

Action & Impression
Detail & Obsession!!!
I couldn't get it to look right. I just went with the version that looked okay.
Ha! Well I was sorta right, it WAS a blade forming in her hand. But I thought it was going to be a blade of pure energy, instead it was more like teleportation. Still, great surprise.

Also, I love her expression in the last panel.
love that page ! Swordy Swords are a girls bestest friend !!!
I just noticed the little white heart on the pink handle.