Comic 109 - Calvin
16th Nov 2012, 11:42 PM in Monkeys
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Coloring is hard.
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Swordy-sword has rejected Ayata. Swords made by little girls are very picky about who can use them.
I'm a little confused by Ayata's line in the last panel... until she decides to do what? Maybe it's just me missing this and I'm going to end up feeling dumb.

On another note. Art looks great today. If you didn't tell us about your run in with the mouse trap yesterday I would never guess you had a sore finger.
She means "But until I decide to actually use it, you can just stay in."

And I totally forgot about the rat trap comment. I thought something felt a little off about the last panel (might have just been the awkwardness in her expression), but that was it. Really good work for having a sore finger!
It's not so bad, but it's my dominant finger. Can't even pick my nose properly.
We always kept a fish in a round sided bowl like that for our cat's water bowl. They always found they could either look at the fish from the side or drink but cause the opening was as small as it is they could never get their face over the edge and their paw inside... and so were always thrown off by the water's distortion.

Long story short - they never caught the fish, they'd just stare at them, then drink water, then go back to staring.

your avatar just made me think that.... so... random non-sequiter I guess?
Not at all.
It just goes to show
how few degrees of separation
there are between even
the most unlikely of experiences.
When Ayata had it pointed at her head, I had a flashback to the Loony Toons shorts between Daffy Duck Elmer Fudd, and Bugs Bunny.
Okay now, Ayata is vigorously shaking the phallic object in an attempt to make a special substance come one end, and another woman enters into the scene presumably to teach her how to do it right. Remember what I said about strong undertones? Yeah this kinda...goes... a lot... farther...
But still not far enough! :P

I love Ayatas pose in panel 1, the hand shaking effect in panel 2 and her expression in panel 4. Plus the shrubbery looks good too. A great page in spite of your sore finger :)
I appear to have been good yesterday it was a rat trap. That does thoroughly suck.

Ayata is just so damn cute. shaka
Aye, she's pretty good at being cute. :)

She aint no Jedi though, that's for sure.
"By The Power Of Grayskull." That should fix it.
Half expecting to hear "Swordy sword disabled. You are not a valid user."
Maybe it can only be activated by a girl who's horny ?

The idea is that she needs to become aroused and then Swordy-Sword "rises" in a most phallic way. XD