Comic 108 - Low Grav
15th Nov 2012, 11:57 PM in Monkeys
Low Grav
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Author Notes:
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OW I just caught my index finger in a rat trap. Because I'm fucking stupid.

OW OW this is really hurty.

I may not be able to draw tomorrow's comic. Definitely can't draw any more tonight.
User comments:
So in other words, even as a little girl Iri was a pure terror.
A pink terror that kept her company trough many a lonely night ? :D
So that's the backstory on swordy-sword. Ayata apparently switched to something that gave her a bit more... freedom(well, not really, her previous clothes looked comfy enough). She has pretty big... eyes in this page.
Having a giant hood in low gravity is just no good.
All the better to beg with my dear.
I have to say, those big eyes are excellent for the "I'm just a weak little one, be gentle!" routine. :)

Also, I bet Swordy-Sword has a vibrator setting. :D
Ayata does have a scarf!

(It seems strange to see Iri discomfited.
Could her new responsibilities be weighing on her? )
it .. still looks like a .. urm yeah..

and OW OW OW on the trap dare I ask HOW you did that ?
"Because I'm fucking stupid."

Show some pity, don't ask how stupid.
Ayata... why are you always so adorable...

"It's just the way I was drawn..." ^_^
I don't know a cat willing to take on rats. Mice, yeah, but rats?
That's true...
Cats are so refined these days!
Maybe a mongoose instead?
I once had a cat that went absolutely beserk on any rodent it saw, including rats .. it eventually went head to head with a full grown hare and got it's head kicked in.

But we had no rats. :)
Maybe a very big cat, or one with a more feral nature? Though perhaps big would complicate rat catching...

Not to mention you'd probably need to starve it a little to get it regularly and actively hunting; might be a deal breaker.
The size of the cat is irellevant, it's all about the size of fight in the cat.

Used to have a cat that would regularly get into a fight with the neighbours German Shephard .. and win. It had this trick where it would vault unto the back of the shepher and latch on to the neck. At that point all the dog could do was run like mad and roll over in an attempt to dislodge the cat.

Once had to track the dog for almost 5 miles to retrieve cat 'n' dog.
I have to say, I quite enjoy Ayata's new wardrobe. . . she's so pretty. ^^
She bought it from the locals on the pirate station to try to fit in. So... technically, she's wearing Skinless Syndicate colors.

It's never going to come up, but it's a vaguely interesting detail.
Interesting how ?
Are we talking "Clothes for favors" kinda deal ?
So Ayata wearing nothing but two scarfs goes to see Iri who's in her underwear to ask about a phallic know for some reason I'm sensing some strong undertones here.
Long, hard and strong undertones .. but in a good way. :)
Lovin' Ayatas new duds.
but, I hope that lounging couch Iri is on is more comfortable than it looks. :D
I suspect that the low gravity makes just about everything fairly comfotable. :)
What significance does clothing hold for Ayata's people? And do they have any particular notions of modesty?
Iri can feel embarassment? And blush??

Sorry about your finger. At least it wasn't a rat trap. Then you'd need a nice brace for a couple weeks.
It WAS a rat trap.

thankfully I only ever get mice where I am so the worst I ever get is a very strong and unpleasant stinging from those tiny traps. So, I can only imagine how much worse those giant rat traps are. Ouch.
Hey view, does Ayata's ring pierce the inter-finger membrane she has, or is it just a half circle that pinches in a little at the opening to stay in place?
View mentioned in a previous comment on another page that the ring is split into two half ring parts that can be clicked together, and that the membrane has two small pierced holes.