Comic 106 - Politics
13th Nov 2012, 10:40 PM in Monkeys
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No time for the homeworld, there's space adventuring to be done.
Hmm, I wonder if Iri would sense me trying to steal that.
love her expression in the last panel "but but but !" hehe!
Her eyes went 'full green'.
I think she's somewhat challenged too!
We actually haven't heard much about how the effort to restore independence to Ayata's people and world is going.

But I guess that kind of stuff will get glossed over so that Space Pulp doesn't end up resembling Star Wars any more than it does.
At least Ayata doesn't talk in an unintelligible mixture of european languages.
Hrm, I thought the blue haired one was going to be a girl T.T
I get the feeling that must be how everyone treats you if they know you have futuresight.
I suspect he knows a great deal more about Iri's powers than she's comfortable with.

He's fanboying pretty hard on her after all, so he has probably studied her .. furiously .. and in great detail !
Not to be picky, but it seems that Next's hair lenght is a bit inconsistant between the pages, it seems a bit shorter to me now.
Maybe. It might also be that wavy not-really-curly hair that some people spend a fortune on.
It does seem shorter, but the colouring looks fantastic. Ditto for Iri's hair today.

The highlights and shading radiate out from the centre top like normal hair and conform and compliment to the overall shape of the hairstyle. Looks really great!

Next's vest has me a bit puzzled though, how does it close? no buttons or zipper. some sort of futuristic mild but long lasting contact adhesive? Magnets?
Or are there buttons but there is a flap of material that covers them and can blend with itself to create a seamless front?
If view wakes up,
the answer will most likely be
'space magic'
or "Yes!".
Fuckin magnets, man. How do they work?

... ahhhh, I'm reaaaaallllly tired.