Comic 105 - PMPM
13th Nov 2012, 12:13 AM in Monkeys
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OH-GOD-IRI-HAS-RESPONSIBILITIES. This will end badly. I mean really? Why would ever think that would be good? EVER? why?
An adolescent poison monkey prime minister .. with responsibilities!
... wait, wait, that could actually be worse.

Edit :
Iri for President. XD
Because of her sexy, sexy hair that attracts certain mechanics. :)
I don't know why... but for some reason this comment just made me want to watch a high school sit-com full of poison monkeys.
All the adolescent drama would be replaced with harcore combat and makeouts. XD
wow - she looks "really" happy about all this festiveness.. the old saying "be careful what you wish for!"
no more banishment - check
congrats you are now a politician g'luck!
I think this page might be one of my favorites so far.
"My father died!"(thumbs up and smile)
Ayata's faces (panel 2 and 4 particularly)
And Next's increasingly creepy escalations of things done for Iri, with Iri going from 'Yes, I deserved this' to 'O....kay?' to something that might be 'This is getting a little out of hand'.
Overall, for a talky exposition page, it's very dynamic.
Faces are fine, but I have got to polish my ability to include long shots in talky pages. I tried to make this page dynamic with a "walking" camera and a long shot.
I really liked Ayatas expressions myself. I am always impressed by how much View can get across with what amounts to just three squiggly lines (two "eyebrows" and a mouth).

though I have to give extra credit to panel 5, Iri looks especially awesome there.
Why Iri, are you surprised at this news?

Do impulsive decisions not get picked up by your future sight?

Clearly, View is laying the groundwork for a surprise boob honk from Ayata!
Perhaps part of our young PMPM's innate abilities consists of anti-predicability?
Oh, hmmm. Well, it's probably something that will get explained in due course...

But how does Iri's ability function? Is it even something linked to sight, or is it more like future-intuition or future-scent (or future-boob-honk)? The "probability shadows" had me thinking that it was something sight based, but is it more of a nebulous color spectrum and value kind of sight?
OH! -damn double posting- Will we get a glimpse of the future as Iri sees it at some point with all kinds of wacky color-play going on instead of crisp scenarios? That seems like something in following with the whole EXPERIMENTS IN COLOR deal.
This is probably going to be a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. What does PMPM mean?
Well, the PM is how you talk about the prime minister.

And Poison Monkey Prime Minister would be...
I thought it was an acronym for some form of mourning the loss of his dad.
Poison Monkey Prime Minister
Prime Minister Poison Monkey
Primatus Miasmus Political Master?
Persnickety Magnificent Polearm Malaise
Mostly on days when my artistic consistency is poor.
Lol, wasn't meant as a critique. It looks fine. You just seem to sneak stuff in there like that on purpose sometimes. So I figured I'd ask.
And the hilarity ensues, also isn't putting a kid in control a bit reckless or is this normal in the poison monkey species?
Ahh, but I thought the Temple was some sort of... big... important... thing, full of people with psychic powers working together for some mystical purpose and killin' bad dudes! Like some sort of Jedi Council, only better. Would many psychic individuals trust young Next when he asked them to "fully staff" his new Temple? D: And for that matter, what *did* happen to the old one?

I hope we are going to get more back-story on what the Temple was/is, and what-not. :D Though if we do not and it remains mysterious and vaguely ominous, that would also be good!
Took me a moment...

but "PMPM" is Poison Monkey Prime Minister (or Prime Minister Poison Monkey)
I was thinking ... is it normal in Poison Monkey culture, to console someone on becoming prime minister ?


Next : I just became PMPM.
King : My condolences.
Riot : My condolences.
Next : Thanks ... also, my father died.
Riot : You know he's in a better place now.
Next : I know, and I'm so jealous !
King : No parents around to stop you partying now ! :)
Next : *eyes boggle* ... woooohooo !
King : Party time ! :D
Riot : Party time ! :D
Next : *points at King & Riot* You are Bodyguards !
King : Damn, forgot about that.
Riot : *sob* But how are the beer gonna drink themselves then ?

*end of presumptious flashback*

Heh, if I could only draw it. XD