Comic 104 - Sure it does
11th Nov 2012, 8:25 PM in Monkeys
Sure it does
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Hey, in Chinese they use the same word for "trouble" and "opportunity"!

Well, no they don't, it's one of those stupid rumors. But I know a language that doooooooooes.
User comments:
Because you are the cool person you are, I know you might actually respond to a comment, so check it:
Twas initially drawn to your work through reddit, a friend recommended I read your Cheer comic. I went into it thinking "Joy, another short, pervy mess of panels with either crappy or obviously translated dialogue.
I liked your work so much I spent 15 minutes scrolling through comments to find any information about other comics you've done.
Never Mind the Gap was fantastic. I loved it, more than Cheer and more than Space Pulp.
I love how you aren't afraid to show nudity. And no, I'm not saying this because i skip over the none-nude comics, I actually think it's a plus. When comics blur over or skip the nudity, sometimes it pulls the reader out of the "reality" of the comic.
So, props to you, sorry about the long comment, and because I feel like it, I am going to someday ask for a commission.
Space Pulp is mostly practice, it's not intended as a good comic. I needed a lot of coloring practice. I also need a lot of backgrounds practice, but that's not getting as much exercise at the moment.

I recommend not trying to commission me, I'm not a big fan of working. But if you want an icon for your account here, let me know.
You don't like to work ?
How ironic, because you're one of the hardest working webcomic artists I know of. :D
It's making for good practice. Your drawing and coloring keeps getting better!
It is pretty damn fine "practice"

I am rather enjoying your "Perfect practice makes perfect" schtick.
nice work here :D I like the launguage icons .. im assuming those are hand done?
Man that kid looks just like someone I know. Especially with that look.
So the poison monkey language uses the same word for trouble and opportunity eh? I wonder if that has something to do with poison monkeys being so crazy, or if the poison monkeys being crazy led to that quirk of linguistics. Chicken-Egg. Lol.

I am also curious to see what, if any, other quirks might show up. How do poison monkeys feel about puns?
They probably consider them to be a martial art.
Or, maybe marital...