Comic 101 - Greenship
7th Nov 2012, 11:07 PM in Monkeys
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"What color should I make the Poison Monkey ship?

User comments:
Now that's the kind of ride you would expect to find Poison Monkeys riding in!
Ok, finally got a chance to type here. I am bad with names, so who is the guy with the cool hair and the one hell of a beautiful woman with those lines on her head and across her breast?
In-comic they haven't been properly introduced, yet. That's next page.

However, to spoil the AMAZING SURPRISE, the guy is Dragon King and the girl is Rhythm Riot. They are Next's bodyguards.
Me likey. :) I would take it that Riot knows a highly skilled tattoo artist to do those lines on her? I wonder what Next is..
Why not? That's what color my bathroom is, a blinding, bright lime green.
Is Iri getting darker?

Also, uh, that's a surprise. I'll admit, from the preview, I thought Next was a girl.
Now that you mention it. I also thought Next was a girl but "he" clearly implies otherwise.
Iri's hair has been getting darker .. Viev claims it's because of color calibration of his monitor.

Also, she seems to have some bruises from the last fight on her.