Comic 100 - SUBTLE
7th Nov 2012, 12:08 AM in Monkeys
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I still hear Navi in my head.
User comments:
hahah Light has a speed... wow shes got Iri pegged, Iri our favorite psychotic :D
Yeah, Ayata doesn't seem very convinced that Iri did not blow it up. :D

Edit :
2½ months later and I just found out that we humans figured out that light has a speed all the way back in 1676 - But we didn't know the actual speed until 1975 !
That's almost 300 years apart.

No wonder Ayata has trouble with it.
It may still be there... but the reactor and high grav generator has got to be blown to hell.
It's cute how Iri stutters when she has to PROVE that she didn't blow up the space station they were on. As if blowing up the place where she just was, was a common occurrence.

Oh, also, minor typo in Iri's bubble in the first panel, she says 'our our', which is probably 'of our'.
I noticed that the Poison Monkies have marks on their necks. What are those, neural jacks, a la cyberpunk? Also I love looking at Ayata cute blue ass :D
What was the point ?
The ass or the marks ?

Edit :
*checks ayata's ass for marks*

I guess nobody else is going to mention it, so, Thank You for another 100 fine examples of Webcomic excellence!
Oh my... has it already been 100 pages since the start of Space Pulp!?

It seems like only weeks ago that NMG ended and I made the transition over to the Comic.
Bloody hell, I was so wrapped up in the story I didn't even notice the magic number !
And yeah, it seems just like yesterday that NMTG ended.

But thank you, again, for making such a nice webcomic for us to read. :)