Comic 1 - Rain
26th Jun 2012, 1:32 AM in Crash
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EDIT: This comic is complete! Feel free to read it through.

I'm thinking something like this.

My coloring skill's basically nonexistent. The whole point of this comic would be to work on coloring. Work on coloring FAST.

Each page would probably be fewer panels than NMG. Instead of 8 or 9, this would probably be more 5 or 6.
User comments:
What part of the spectrum is this?!!
Looks good now so if you follow the same rate of improvement as NMTG, should be approximately 'perfect' by Chapter 5 or 6!
Yea that is how the insode of Han Solo's ship SHOULD have looked like lol.
Little known fact: Chewbacca is addicted to cleaning. It's why he was kicked off kshsrhrhgkkska (or however you pronounce his homeworld).
I support this being few, large panels per page in color. I'm interested to see how you'd do color and then getting to watch it evolve. Especially if its got vibrant space colors in vibrant space outfits!
Oooooohh... I like already...
Nice gritty atmosphere!
I like the Subtitle of this comic... "It's got colors!"
So the technology is part of the background and the action prevails?
Her ship looks like my study...

Shading and highlighting with color is just a thing of practice... I think your plan will pay off quickly... especially if you play with lighting angles and reflected light.

Does "red" have a name yet?
Iridium Lake. Lake to her enemies, Iri to her friends.

This is pulp.
With a name like Iridium Lake she must be HOT... well at 2466 C she'd make any crucible blush >.<

Hey! You finally got icons for everything. Now it stands out in my subscriptions list from all the many comics I follow and then promptly get scrapped or abandoned shortly after.
While I am certainly interested in your new comic, I do have a question to ask. Hopefully I won't be crucified for it, but what is pulp?
Space Pulp: Where space trees with good karma ascend to in their next reincarnation.
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
The script is very Warren Ellis to me here. Which is a good thing. The best possible thing.
Two pages in and it feels Warren Ellis?

You know he writes his scripts textually - he doesn't do thumbnails or anything. So it could be that this is a Warren Ellis script implemented by an artist who fucks up panel design and layout!

Unfortunately, it's not. I'm nowhere near as gritty a writer. And my accent isn't as interesting.
Hmm. I feel like this is a situation where you need someone to back you up with an "Oh Snap!" or "You go girl!". Yet I don't want to encourage you ragging on your drawing skills..
... "You go girl!" ???

View, is there something you haven't told us ?
I have seen things with much worse in the color department.
Huzzah, I've made an account now!

That being said, I'm glad no harm has come to Ayata yet. . . she's too new to everything and too innocent!