Comic 463 - Ayata Pg 15
8th Mar 2014, 10:53 PM
Ayata Pg 15
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Okay, that's it. Just gonna post a close cover, redo the fanart page, and this comic is over.
User comments:
[Amphibians are naturally adaptable!]

Thank you so much for this very fine* Space Pulp ride!

*(And colorful too!)
It was, it was.

Full of both color, and colorful personalities. :)
I enjoyed it throughoutly.
Well, come now, she's a natural tease and Kellem is a natural watcher, it was kinda obvious. :)
It would be pretty cool if you can go back and do some color work on some of these last pages.
It was an awesome comic! I really loved it.
Awesome. View, thanks so much for all the work you put into this! It was a really fun story and it was a constant little part of my life through all these past months of ups and downs and it was great! Thank you.

This was my first comic of yours that I've followed, which I began, like a lot of people here I'm sure, after burning through Cheer and Nevermind the Gap in one REALLY exhausting night. I'll definitely be following along with Scrub Diving.
I always liked "friends with benefits" or "fuck buddies" (or "intimate associate" if you want to be PC about it), as it not limited to fingering and/or handjobs.
Farewell, Space Pulp. You were well loved and full of vitamin C.
Space Pulp was a delightful romp. Sorry to see it end, but I'm enjoying your new comic Scrub Diving quite a bit, so there's that.
I like the way you never go into general exposition on the nature of the universe you have created. It makes it more of an intellectual exercise to read, because the reader has to piece together the context that the story is happening in. This also makes your stories lend themselves to multiple readthroughs. I read a lot of fanfiction, and when the author goes into a lot of exposition it makes me feel like i'm being talked down to, like the author feels i'm not intelligent enough and I need everything spelled out for me.
...yeah, I usually don't read the comments. The point I'm trying to make though, is that your style is so elegant that exposition is unnecessary. I've never read anything like it, and I'm looking forward to your next project.
Well, I do have several finished comics and one in progress. Just click on my name to go to my profile.
I have a weak academic work routinne, and this silly girlish nonsense ruined even that, for last two days.
Good job!

Wandered here from "Don't Mind The Gap" and marathoned it through like two days. Big Fun Deluxe. Sexy Space Opera! Yay!
Okay, I should be all caught up on your comics now.
Once again an amazing and smart as fuck story with a cool twist I didn't see coming, and some fantastic porny bits. You're pretty much top tier favorite webcomicker on my list.